1: Why choose NogardGlobal?

Because our products are best in quality and nature.

2: In how many days the order will be deliver

Within 5 to 7 Bussines working days.

3: What are your return policy and other terms?

Faulty products can be returned within 7 days.

4: What is the quality of the products?

There are original and replica both products

5: Is Nogardglobal.net costly?

Not at all. Our products are quite reasonable in price.

6: How do I track my order?

We will send you a confirmation email and issue a tracking number.

7: Is nogardglobal.net ship globally?

Yes, we ship Worldwide.

8: Does Nogardglobal provide free delivery?


9: Can you change your mind about the order or not?

Yes, If the product is sealed then you can return the product. But if the seal is broken the company will charge a 25% restocking fee.

10: What to do if your order is delayed?

Check the online tracking number.

11: How many payment methods you are giving?

All Payment methods excluding bitcoins.

12: Can I place an order on call?

Yes, We also take orders on call our phone number is +8613088804748

13: What if the order is delayed?

We are sorry for the delay. You can track your order from our website .

14: Is it necessary to create an account for shopping?

No. You can buy anything without creating an account.

15: Can the client cancel the order? once it’s processed?

Yes, You can cancel the order once it’s processed but you can cancel it within an hour by contacting customer service.